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PMA is now MSCA

PMA is now the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Alliance of Mid Florida (MSCA).


Our name change reflects the special relationship and mutual reliance between Manufacturing and the Supply Chain.  It also reflects the reality that our region is home to many large employers in transportation and warehousing and that this trend is expected to continue to grow.


Manufacturing drives the need for suppliers of energy and materials, and providers of transportation, warehousing, technical, and construction services. It also drives the need for skilled workers.

Manufacturers need reliable and economic sources of supplies and services, and suppliers and service providers need manufacturers to drive their businesses. The survival and growth of manufacturers and suppliers are inextricably linked within supply chains that must be economically efficient and effective to compete for customers in national and global marketplaces.

We serve our members by providing a platform to promote and support the growth of manufacturers and their suppliers in Polk County, and the State of Florida. Our objectives are to:

– Cultivate and maintain strong working relationships with local and state economic development agencies to support and promote the growth of manufacturing and supply chain logistics companies.

– Create a unified voice to influence legislative matters that affect the economic welfare and growth of manufacturers and their supply chain partners.

– Provide forums to facilitate the professional development of members and to exchange best practices regarding human resource administration, safety, quality, productivity, and sustainability.

– Partner with workforce education and training organizations to define, develop, and obtain funding for education and training programs that are relevant to the needs of manufacturers and their suppliers.




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